Find a BP Service Station

1 .Download a list of BP sites, including the products and services available at each site, by choosing a state link below. You can also download site locations for vehicle GPS navigation systems. GPS data is provided in CSV format and includes the site name and X & Y coordinates. As upload template formats can change from one GPS unit to another, please consult with your GPS manufacturer before uploading.
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2. Use the following search engine:
This data is refreshed monthly. The tab on each state listing shows the date of the most recent update.

Please help us keep our site listings up to date. If you notice incorrect information in either a state listing or the BP Service Station Locator, please send us the correct details via the Customer Service link on the left navigation bar of BP Plus online.

3. Plan your trips with BP Trip Planner

Using the BP Trip Planner, you can nominate a starting and destination point and, with just a click, instantly have a map drawn to highlight the most direct path between the two. The displayed map will also conveniently dot the BP sites along the way, so you can plan when and where you'll be stopping, ahead of time.

Not only will you be presented with a map of the marked route and a list of conveniently located BP sites, you will also be given precise driving directions that can be printed out and taken with you when you start out on your journey. Further, the driving directions also state indicative driving times as well as the kilometres to travel so you'll know how far you have to go and also the amount of time it will take you.

To use the BP Trip Planner to plan trips interstate, out into the country, or even to the restaurant for your Friday night's outing with friends, click on the link below.